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About Richard:

I was born in Southern California, but my family moved to Northern California when I was 6 years old.  I did most of my growing up in the Central Valley (Tracy, CA and Manteca, CA).  When I was 18 I moved out of my parent's home.  I didn't even tell my mom that I had rented an apartment. She came home and asked my brother and sister where I was and learned that I moved out.  A day or two later she came by with a house warming gift and asked me a question that I will never forget:

"How do you like paying your landlord's mortgage?" she asked. 

I resisted, "No, this is my place... I pay the rent... I make the rules..."

She asked, "What do you think your landlord does with your rent check every month?...  He pays his mortgage." I finally grasped the important lesson that she was trying to teach me.  One year later at 19, I bought my first house. Since then I have bought 3 rental units in collaboration with my mom, and I now reside in Irvine with my beautiful wife.

Real estate is in my blood, and I enjoy helping others reach their real estate goals.  

In 2002 I obtained my real estate license after studying at The California School of Real Estate.  I passed the state licensing exam on my first attempt, later learning that it takes the average agent several tries before passing. 

In 2009 I earned the designation of “Certified Distressed Property Expert” (CDPE) and the National Association of Realtor’s “Short Sale & Foreclosure Resource” (SFR) designation. During the "Great Recession" I helped families who were upside down and owed more then their home was worth negotiate with their bank to either save their home or allow them to sell it.  Many of them had lost their job in the recession, gotten a divorce, or had fallen ill and could no longer afford their mortgages (some had payments that doubled).

I also hold NAR’s “At Home with Diversity” (AHWD) certification which allows me to work effectively with and within today’s increasingly diverse pool of buyers and sellers. With the AHWD designation you can feel confident in my expertise that transcends cultural barriers.

In 2013 I earned the designation of “Certified Negotiation Expert” (CNE).  According to a survey by the National Association of Realtors both home sellers and home buyers ranked negotiation skills high on their list of important skills when choosing a Realtor. Yet the state licensing exam teaches you nothing about how to negotiate on behalf of your clients. Worse yet, most agents are just winging it.  This is why I sought out The Real Estate Negotiation Institute who's founder and instructor was trained at Harvard and Wharton.  The principles I learned were similar to what attorneys are taught in order to effectively negotiate for their clients.

In 2015  I graduated to the “Master Certified Negotiation Expert” (MCNE) designation. Putting me in a elite group since less then 1% of Realtors nationwide hold this designation.



About The Value Driven Approach:

I have collaborated with many agents across the United States, Canada, even as far as New Zealand. Together we have tested and documented an approach that through the application of Warren Buffett’s core principles and by treating your home as an investment—like a business with a stock price, and have developed a unique way to extract up to $30,000 or more of additional profit from any home on the market.  

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